Teeth whitening treatment


Teeth stains are, unfortunately, inevitable. We acquire them from the various foods and beverages we consume, a lack of brushing here and there, and naturally as we age. These tooth stains may be inevitable, but this doesn’t mean they have to be a permanent part of your smile.

The whitening treatment we offer at Clear Dental is a quick procedure with almost instant results. We provide our interested patients with at home whitening kits, with easy to apply products of highly professional quality. This whitening treatment penetrates the yellowed or discolored surface of the tooth to deeply whiten the smile, and is strong enough to have a lasting impact on the shade of the teeth.

With proper maintenance done regularly and visits to our office for your semi-annual cleanings, you should be able to maintain that perfectly white smile indefinitely! We know how having perfect white teeth can boost your confidence, and we want every one of our patients to radiate the confidence that comes with a bright smile!


We value quality care and patient experience, because you are worth it!