Piezocision treatment


These days, there are more and more adults opting to partake in orthodontic treatment in order to better their smile and overall oral health. Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for children and teenagers anymore – if they want it, anyone can pursue a perfect smile!

This is a choice we love to see, that just has one hang up; once the bone is mature, teeth shift and move much slower than they do in adolescence. This is why pursuing orthodontic treatment as an adult can often take more time, patience, and may be a little more difficult.

Some patients choose to shorten the expected timeline through accelerated orthodontic treatment, expediting their orthodontic journey through the use of piezocision. This consists of a minimally invasive surgical technique that allows adult patients to achieve their dream smile faster, and shorten the time spent having a mouthful of braces or Invisalign.

This technique is orthodontically guided by certain tools that can elect to control and alter the bone density of certain problem teeth, in order to help guide them into the correct positions faster. This is done at key time intervals to ensure treatment is right on schedule, and every tooth is being moved at the quick, desired pace.

The Periodontists at Clear Dental will work closely with your orthodontist to help you achieve your desired end result much faster so that every move and procedure gets you that much closer to the straight smile of your dreams!


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