Crown lengthening procedure


Some of our patients approach us with the desire to fix what can be described as a “gummy” smile. This happens when the teeth appear to be short, even if they are the correct length – sometimes, gum tissue can cover the teeth to the extent that they no longer appear to be the proper length. Our periodontists at Clear Dental have the solution to this problem.

The procedure will consist of reshaping any excess gum and bone tissue in the area in order to expose more of the natural tooth, or teeth. This will eliminate the illusion of the teeth being too short, and revive your natural smile.

This procedure can be performed on one tooth individually,  to even out the gum line in its entirety, or to a handful of teeth. Our periodontists will be able to determine which of these options is the best course of action for exposing all of your natural teeth in order to reclaim your smile, and put the best version of you forward!

There are other reasons aside from gum and bone tissue that may prompt you to look into a dental crown lengthening procedure. Some patients may be experiencing other dental ailments such as tooth decay on one or more teeth, or insufficient tooth structure to support necessary restoration, such as a bridge or crown. If the tooth lacks the structure to support a restoration, we have the power to ensure you don’t have to go without.

Crown lengthening can alter the gum and bone levels in a way that will expose more of the tooth so it can be restored to its’ fullest potential.

This procedure will help to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile once the issues of an uneven gum line, a gummy smile, or short teeth, have been properly and fully resolved by our experienced periodontists!


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