Peri-implantitis treatment


Much like your natural teeth can easily be prone to bacteria and infection, any dental implants you may have can also be subjected to it.

Sometimes, any oral bacteria that has developed can infect your dental implants, and result in implant failures. This can happen due to a variety of different reasons; some of these include:

  • Poor oral hygiene, and not taking proper care of the implants
  • Periodontal disease, or a history of it in which the patient was non-compliant with treatment
  • Smoking
  • Various health issues, such as diabetes

All the factors listed above have the potential to cause infection, inflame the area surrounding the dental implants, and eventually lead to bone loss.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as pain, dull aches when brushing or flossing, or a bad taste in your mouth, make sure you call Clear Dental right away for an exam. Consistent monitoring of your implant is crucial for its longevity, and we believe that the prevention of infection is just as important as treating it.


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