Digital Smile Design Before and After

Have you ever thought about what your perfect smile would look like? Now you can! It’s now possible for you and your dentist to make that thought a reality using Digital Smile Design (DSD). DSD is a collaborative approach to dentistry that allows the patient and dentist to create the desired aesthetic. Your dentist will analyze your facial and dental features using high-resolution photos and videos and then go over everything with you to visualize the desired end result.

DSD is a personalized process developed from the following steps:

  1. Your dentist will take photos of your face in its entirety to better understand how your smile works with your other facial features
  2. Your dentist will next work to address your chief complaints using digital drawings made based on your photos and using models based on different measurements
  3. Using these measurements, your dentist will prepare a mould of your new teeth to test run your new smile, this step is called mock up
  4. The next steps will then be to refine your smile through discussion and testing of you and your dentists’ concerns, expectations, and the treatment
  5. When both you and your dentist are satisfied with the look and function, production of the final product begins

Nowadays it’s not enough to just have healthy teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming popular so anyone can now have an aesthetically perfect smile that’s in harmony with their facial characteristics and personalities. If you are interested in DSD and want to be a co-author of your smile, feel free to contact Clear Dental for a consultation!

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