Clear Dental Hygienist Study Club

The purpose of the Clear Dental Hygienist Study Club To provide dental hygienists with a platform to strengthen their knowledge and skills in dentistry, communicate ideas and build lasting friendships with fellow colleagues in the area.

Course contents:

Our study club is led by two periodontists, Dr. Chang and Dr. Fang, and consisted of several meetings throughout the year. It offers a series of lectures covering multiple hot topics on periodontal diseases, gingival recession, and dental implants. The attendees will learn the benefits and limits of non-surgical therapy, indications and outcomes of treatment of gingival recession, and techniques for soft tissue grafts. We will also focus on the dental implant maintenance and peri-implant diseases diagnosis and treatment. Please browse our upcoming dental hygienist courses below.

Course Objectives:

The study club will inform the dental hygienists about the knowledge on periodontal diseases treatment and dental implant and provide an opportunity to exchange their ideas with peers in the area.

How to register:

Please call 780-250-2728 or email to register. The fee for each course is $25 and is only refundable 2 weeks prior to the course. Three CE credits is provided for each course.


Outcomes and Limits of Non-Surgical Treatment for Periodontal Diseases

March 14, 2024 | 3 CE Credits | $25

This course is intended to provide hygienists with the knowledge of nonsurgical therapy for periodontal diseases, including:

  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Benefits of scaling and root planing, and its limitations compared to periodontal surgeries
  • Applications of local antibiotics
  • Establish the supportive periodontal therapy for periodontal diseases

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Application of Radiographs in the Diagnosis of Periodontal Diseases

May 23, 2024 | 3 CE Credits | $25

This course is intended to provide hygienists with the knowledge of the application of radiographs in the diagnosis of periodontal diseases, including:

  • Criteria of good quality radiographs
  • Comparison of different radiographs in periodontics
  • Interpretation of radiographs in the periodontal disease diagnosis and management
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