Not every practice offers Digital Smile Design, or DSD, and the concept of it is very new to many patients. For someone seeking reconstructive treatment, however, DSD is something right out of a dream with all the direct benefits it has for patients wanting a transformed smile.

Before we go into the wide range of benefits that this approach has to offer, let’s first define what Digital Smile Design is, and how it aids the treatment process for both the specialists working on it, and the patient being treated.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design works to achieve individually desired outcomes for individual patients with industry leading technology. DSD uniquely diagnoses and identifies issues related with any problematic aesthetic components that may be affecting your smile.

Essentially, this super smart technology takes an in depth look at every aspect to help design their dream smile, while allowing collaboration and complete transparency along the way. It’s the ideal and industry leading way to understand, diagnose, and plan reconstructive treatment that will leave the patient completely satisfied with their end result!

Now that we understand the purpose of DSD, we can dive right into the benefits it has for the modern patient, and all the ways it helps specialists accurately treat you!

What Can it Do for Me?


One word: predictability. Digital Smile Design allows you to see your end result so you know how great your smile will look at the end of the process. Not many practices can offer you the reassurance that your dream smile will turn out exactly the way you had hoped, and this advanced technology will give you peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands!

Patients love this transparency, and the ability to see how their treatment will turn out. Your specialists love it, too; this allows them to collaborate, be on the same page and work as a team to achieve the desired outcome with little to zero issues.

More reasons to love this approach are:

  • Transparent and fully mapped out treatment plans
  • Top of the line technology
  • Confidence in your treatment
  • Improved communication between all parties


Why Patients Love it


Digital Smile Design does more than just resolve purely functional issues. For patients that are looking to cosmetically enhance their smile for life, this is the ultimate way to go about designing and seeing your future smile.

This technology was created to supplement the understanding that sometimes, it isn’t always about fixing an issue and sending patients on their way. It’s about working collaboratively to meet their smile goals, and allowing them to be an active participant in their own treatment. Patients don’t always have functionality issues to fix – sometimes, they just want to look and feel their best.

DSD improves communication between the patient, and the specialists. This takes away any doubts, fears or anxieties many patients face with dental treatment – if you feel that you’re working as a team, instead of being supplied with a plan that you’re permitted to blindly follow, you’ll be that much more confident!

Digital Smile Design also works with their existing facial characteristics to ensure the final result will suit the patient perfectly. More reasons include:

  • High Satisfaction with New Smile

If the patient is able to see their smile design beforehand and know what their treatment will involve, it’s more likely that the patient is highly satisfied with the final result. The DSD technology allows us to showcase the final result to our patients before we even begin treatment.

  • Personalized Results

All of our patients are unique, and their treatment should be, too. No two smiles are going to turn out exactly alike, as each treatment plan is specifically suited to the patient in question based on their anatomy, structure, goals and preferences. Your treatment is going to be created just for you!

  • A Natural Look

             Remember how we mentioned that treatment is entirely customized? We’ll be able to design your smile so it looks like it’s always been there – after all, it’s made for you!

  • Confidence Before and After

When DSD is involved, the patient feels confident throughout treatment, and especially after it. Confidence in the plan we create for you is important, and if everyone is comfortable, this is a great way to ensure everything goes smoothly and exactly according to plan!

Once treatment has been completed and you’re left with the smile you’ve always wanted, you’ll have your confidence back in full force!

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