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All sessions will be held at Clear Dental Private Practice and Education Centre.



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All sessions to be held at Clear Dental Private Practice and Education Centre.


“This course was the best CE course I’ve taken so far! Implant dentistry is such a broad topic to learn and this course structured the modules perfectly. The class size was nice and small which made for a comfortable environment to ask questions and lots of 1 on 1 time with the instructors. The instructors are very knowledgeable and motivating to ensure we felt comfortable with every procedure every step of the way.”

- Dr. L

“Fantastic instructors with well organized and detailed content tailored to general dentists. Great Exposure to a specialist view of implant treatment planning and placement. Great for all skill levels.”

- Dr. A

“This was the best course I’ve taken for implant dentistry. It was comprehensive with lots of hands-on learning for better understanding and visualization. The live surgeries were the best part of the course, especially demonstrations by instructors during surgeries. I’d recommend this course to anyone, whether you’re starting to place implants, or have lots of experience with surgeries.”

- Dr. L

“This is a really great course if you are a beginner or already placing implants. You will learn how to predictably plan your cases and do your surgeries using the most recent techniques in a beautiful state of the art dental clinic. The instructors are amazing and down to earth. I feel confident in performing simple and more complex cases now. This is the best CE courses I’ve ever taken!”

- Dr. D

“I will always recommend Clear Dental Implant Residency due to lots of information, highly guided surgery on live patient and follow-up on the cases completed. Friendly instructors answer lots of questions, very professional.”

- Dr. H

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