There are many common misconceptions floating around about the process of getting dental veneers, how they feel, how they’re placed, the advantages and disadvantages of having them, and more.

Dental veneers have been around since the late 1920’s, and it’s no surprise that the cosmetic enhancement started in Hollywood. This procedure was invented to improve an actor’s smile in film, and the trend of having perfect teeth was quick to catch on.

As we know, you don’t have to be an actor anymore to invest in the perfect smile. In fact, veneers don’t have to be applied purely for cosmetic reasons – this happens to be one of the common myths we’ll be debunking in this blog!

Myth #1: Everyone Can See Through Your Smile

 People tend to think that because veneers are perfectly white in color, straight and well fitted to the face, that it’ll be extremely obvious your smile has been enhanced or is fake.

This simply isn’t true. Newer dental veneers are created with porcelain, which means they are thin, natural-looking, and won’t be standing out like a sore thumb. The only comments you’ll be getting regarding your smile is how great it looks!

Myth #2: Veneers are Only For Cosmetic Enhancement

 Veneers do provide an immaculate smile and look, but this is not the only purpose they serve! Veneers can aid your smile in a variety of important ways, and aren’t just limited to cosmetic dentistry. There are lots of ways they can help, such as:

  • Providing a whiter smile to previously stained, yellowed, or discolored teeth
  • Providing a clean, neat appearance to teeth that are broken, chipped, malformed, or damaged in some way
  • Helping to close the gaps between teeth that have large spaces between them
  • Giving shape to teeth that may be irregularly or unevenly shaped
  • Making your smile more symmetrical

There are so many reasons you may consider dental veneers. The cosmetic enhancement doesn’t have to be the only reason, but it can be a big bonus!

Myth #3: They File Down Almost all of Your Natural Teeth

 It’s true that in order to properly place your veneers, your teeth will be subjected to some minor filing. Most patients only require a minimal amount of filing, and the purpose of it is to keep the structure of the tooth. This filing also ensures that the veneers will bond properly to your teeth, and be secure.

Myth #4: The Procedure Will be Painful

 The thought of having veneers placed doesn’t sound like the most comfortable thing in the world – being in a chair for long periods of time, having attachments bonded to your teeth, along with having your teeth shaved down to ensure they work.

However, patients are always provided with a local anesthetic prior to any procedure. This means that you’ll have a relaxed and comfortable procedure that will leave you with your dream smile! It’s a win-win.

Myth #5: They’re Fragile

Veneers are actually as strong as your natural teeth! This means they’re intended to be strong enough to bite down with ease, and with a large amount of pressure the way your natural teeth can.

Just because they’re strong doesn’t mean they’re invincible, though. You still have to be careful with the very crunchy food, but as long as you’re conscious of it, you shouldn’t have any problems enjoying all your desired foods!

Myth #6: They’re Hard to Care For

If you already have a strict brushing and cleaning regime that you stick to, your cleaning routine won’t change much or at all when you get your veneers.

You’ll have to brush and floss your veneers regularly and make sure you stick to your regularly scheduled cleanings at the dentist to maintain them. Other than that, there are no extra steps to be taken or special treatments needed.

Myth #7: They’ll Deteriorate Over Time

 Quite the opposite of this will happen with your dental implants! The porcelain veneers are certainly created to last.

They are stain-resistant, meaning they won’t yellow or colour as easily as your natural teeth. Their white, immaculate appearance is very easy to maintain and is expected to last for years and years.

For more information on dental veneers, visit Clear Dental to speak to a prosthodontist that can give you answers to any of your dental implant questions!


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